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Site Guide

Finding yourself a bit lost on Spinster Magazine? Not to worry, this guide will explain what the site features are and what type of posts go into each category.

Slider & Tab

Image that shows the frontpage, where the slider button for articles are located (right of the title) and the tab for headlines (also right of the title).

On the front page, you can scroll through our articles by clicking the left and right buttons located to the right of the title.

Under headlines, you can click “All” which will reveal different categories of headlines in the tab.


Image of the location of the favourites button, located at the top right of the page and next to the title of the articles

The favourites feature allows you to customize a list of your favorite articles! Simply pin the articles you want with the little bookmark button next to the article titles. To access them, click the button at the top right corner of the page, by the header.

Do note that only posts on our front page and archives pages have this bookmark button. You may notice some articles such as those in the sidebar and related posts section do not have this button.


Looking for the post archives? These can be found categorized by content in the top menu as well as the footer section. You can also access the sub-categories under Headlines by clicking on or hovering over the button.

The top menu also has some other features. The home button will take you back to the frontpage and there is also a search button.



Articles include a headline and an article (which may vary greatly in length).

Headlines – News, Lifestyle, Relationships

All categories under headlines do not have articles – the whole post is the title. Some posts may have a short paragraph written about it, but it has been deemed too short to be an article.


All quizzes are categorized here – not all of them have a quiz though! Some are just a headline. This will be indicated in the post’s categories.

Image displaying the Headlines category next to some posts under quiz which indicates that the post has no quiz.

Editor’s Picks

These are the editor’s favourite posts.


These are the readers’ favourites!

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