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A white woman got called out on Twitter for exclusively sharing content from Huffington Posts Black Voices section without any prior context, which left a bad taste in many peoples mouths. In a series of tweets, the woman justified her actions, stating that she simply wants everyone to know she cares deeply about black people and for them to know she’s not racist and is “definitely an ally”.

I love looking through the @HuffPoBlackVoices section on Twitter. So much wisdom, beauty and insight in one place. We all need to spend more effort to understand POC and amplify their voices so we can learn about how to be better allies, she tweeted.

Some people were quick to point out that the woman was essentially telling black people to educate her on their experiences with racism. Others called her out for being performative about her allyship and care for black issues.

If you want to learn about racism then listen when a person of color speaks up about their experiences instead of looking through an online section as if they are exhibits in a museum, one user wrote. Another added,White folks always think sharing from black accounts is some kind of medal or accomplishment It aint sis! You still racist! Now sit down somewhere! Lolololol this whole thread is funny af!!

The Tweeter could not be reached for comment.

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