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Tinder user, John (not his real name), uploaded a profile picture of himself holding a fish to the platform in early 2021. Unfortunately, this act had locked his entire personality to the contents of his profile picture. Consequently, he was only able to discuss with his matches about fishing, catching big fish, and that fateful fishing trip where he had caught the fish in the photo.

John was unaware of this phenomenon until he started getting matches and was unable to change the topic of conversation. He would reply to his matches’ questions about fishing with a little too much enthusiasm, bordering on weird. For example, when asked if he had a boat, he replied, “I sure do!” and when asked if he liked to fish, he said, “It’s my favorite thing to do!”

He was even unable to properly respond to non-questions. For instance, when one match said, “I’m not really into fishing,” John replied, “That’s okay, I’m sure you’ll like it once you try it!”

At first, John’s matches found his obsession with fishing endearing. However, as the conversations continued, they realized that they were not able to discuss anything else with him. They eventually lost interest and unmatched with him.

John was confused and disappointed when his matches started disappearing. He thought that he had finally found his niche on Tinder, but it turned out that his niche was too narrow. However, he seems to be unable to remove his profile photo or any photos related to fishing as they seem to now define his entire being.

The article text was generated in part with GPT-3, a language-generation AI. It was rewritten or edited upon review. The author takes full responsibility for the content of this publication.

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