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A woman lost 15 followers on Instagram after posting a picture of a salad last Friday night.

“I can’t believe this happened,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous. “I just posted a picture of a salad and 15 people unfollowed me.” The woman said she’d been posting pictures on Instagram about her life for over a year and never had any problems. The woman said she’s not sure why the people unfollowed her, but she has a theory. “Maybe they’re just not into healthy eating,” she said, “I don’t know. Someone told me this should’ve just been a story.”

A former follower, Kristen (name changed to protect anonymity against her wishes), stated that the woman’s disregard for implicit Instagram etiquette states a lot about her character, but did not elaborate further. Kristen also added that the woman’s meal of a salad was not visually impressive to begin with and that she has hated her guts ever since the woman started dating her ex-boyfriend just days after Kristen had broken up with him. “I think she’s just a terrible person,” said Kristen, “Maybe the salad was really good and this could’ve been a story, but she’s a terrible person regardless.”

The Instagrammer in question was unavailable for comment about the scandal with Kristen’s ex-boyfriend but is reportedly planning on posting a picture of her dinner of fish and chips to Instagram later tonight, having learned nothing from this ordeal.

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