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Tomorrow at sunrise, the world will experience a natural solar phenomenon that has never happened before. A second Sun has spontaneously appeared in space, next to the first Sun. This solar phenomenon can be observed in every continent, including Antarctica.

There is currently no scientific consensus about how this second Sun has appeared – some speculate that our Sun had undergone mitosis and split into two identical Suns, while the leading theory is that the second Sun formed itself from a bunch of dust and gases. Some other scientists have completely lost their shit and turned to supernatural beliefs to explain this anomaly.

For the past three decades, there have been many warnings about the possibility of our solar system having a second Sun, but nobody really knew what to expect and the possibility of it has been downplayed by the authorities and the media. Now, scientists predict that temperatures may rise by a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius on average globally. It remains to be seen if the mysterious appearance of the second sun will throw Earth out of orbit.

In 2015, disregarded physicist Nicușor Constantin published a paper titled, “Some Weird Shit Is Happening With The Sun” in which he explained how the Sun’s magnetic field was changing and theorised that it could cause major disruptions, including the spontaneous formation of a second Sun. Constantin passed away of heart complications in 2018 and has been posthumously awarded a Nobel Prize for his observations.

The Lead for the Astrophysics Research and Analysis Program at NASA, Mariette Herbert, had the following to say, “It is an unprecedented time and for once, scientists are completely stumped. For that, we apologise. We understand that this phenomenon is likely to cause worldwide panic, but we at NASA urge you all to not fall into the trap of fear. We are one and we must remember that everything happens for a reason and that we are all connected spiritually with the Universe.”

Hollywood movies like “Twin Suns”, “Shine Bright” and “The End of Days” have presented us with different scenarios that show the possible effects of an astronomical event like the one that will take place soon. Now, people are wondering whether this Solar Phenomenon will cause major disruptions on Earth – socially and otherwise.

For some people, the Solar Phenomenon is a sign that the end times are near. Some believe that we are about to witness the second coming of Christ, others believe that the event will trigger a series of catastrophic events that will destroy civilization as we know it. The latter seems to be the most likely, as scientists have predicted world-changing events such as a global rise in temperatures by 15 degrees Celsius, the possibility of being thrown out of orbit, and due to the ongoing tensions from World War III, global cooperation seems highly unlikely.

The President of the United States, Asterix McFly, addressed the public yesterday evening where they said, “I am not saying that the event will not cause major disruptions on Earth, but I do not believe that we should be afraid of change. We must not forget that the planet is going through a massive spiritual awakening and people are becoming more aware of the fact that we live in a matrix that keeps us trapped in a system controlled by a small group of elite individuals who want to bring forth a new world order. Therefore, we must keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that the universe is guiding us towards a new beginning. We need to stand together and perpetuate the American myth that love is the most powerful force in the universe and that it can overcome all obstacles.”

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