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Taking the perfect selfie can be challenging as there’s no one answer to this question since everyone’s idea of the perfect selfie is different. However, in this guide, we’ll cover one basic pose and some lighting tricks to help you find your signature look! We’ll also get into using filters or editing apps to enhance your photos for Spinster Magazine’s signature selfie pose!

First, let’s keep it simple – face your camera head-on. In other words, make sure your chin and toes are pointing in the same direction and hold your phone out directly in front of you. As you see in the photo below, our model has their shoulders slightly turned for some extra style, but their face is mostly pointed at the camera.

Image of a black woman taking a selfie of herself using a phone

Next, point your chin up. Our model below has her chin turned up about 45 degrees or so. For those with chubbier cheeks, this will give your face a more slim profile and it will somewhat reduce the look of large features if this is something you’re trying to hide. Otherwise, it adds mystique to your look and makes you appear to be a person who thinks a lot of deep thoughts!

Image of a posh woman wearing sunglasses, looking up at the ceiling at about a 45 degree angle

This is a good time to adjust your lighting. Notice how the lighting in the shot above has accentuated the model’s jawline as it has cast a shadow under it. This adds to the look we’re going for as it adds definition to this area.

Image of an Asian woman in jogging attire holding her phone out at a low angle in front of her chest

Use a low angle to capture your image – lower than you think! Our model above has her phone around her chest, angled upwards. This will add a flattering silhouette to your selfies, trust us!

Image of two women standing in a field with their eyes closed, bent backwards to face the sky

Then, look up – all the way up. You’ll know you’re there when you’re looking at the ceiling or sky. We’re keeping to a certain aesthetic here and the purpose of leaning back is to facilitate this special pose and our special way of capturing it!

Finally, it’s time to put it all together. Here’s our result, sans filters!

Image of a person looking all the way back, with just the neck and chin in the shot and without their face

Add some pizzaz to your photo with some Instagram filters! We used Lark which highlighted the chin and added some brightness to the neck area, giving our overall look more depth. Here’s our end result:

Image of a person looking all the way back, with just the neck and chin in the shot and without their face - the photo has been filtered to be brighter

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