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Geoffrey Mason, a resident of Florida City, FL, considers himself an all-American guy. He loves baseball, Jesus, and apple pie. Until recently, he never considered that other people in America might not quite have the same experiences as him. 

“When I joined social media, I started seeing other people saying they were not white. Not ‘cis’. Not male? It was all very alarming,” Mason recounts. “As I learned more about other people, I felt that their existence was somehow threatening mine. So, naturally, I decided to be vocal about how to stop them [from existing].”

But this week, Mason witnessed Andrew Garfield wearing a pin in support of trans people.

“That was a game-changer for me. If Andrew Garfield, one of the myriad Spider-Mans in recent history, can wear a pin in support of this community, maybe I can accept them too.”

We asked Mason if that meant he would work to have Florida’s infamous “Don’t Say Gay” bill repealed. He responded, “Now, I’m not too sure about that. I don’t think children can understand all this cis and trans and whatnot. It’s complicated. And they should discover it on their own on the internet. Maybe their Andrew Garfield will show up on a meme and help inspire them to find out more, you know? Until then, they should stick to the regular stuff.”

Sasha Gordon, a Black nonbinary person, writes about food and neurodivergence over on I Too Am A Test Kitchen.

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