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Trending news made simple.

About Spinster Magazine

Spinster Magazine was established in 2022 by our resident spinster and Editor-in-Bitch, Li Yan. The vision behind Spinster Magazine is to be a 1000% legitimate, trusted news source for all things related to millennial culture.

Why is it called Spinster Magazine?

The name seemed like the perfect fit for the poor suckers who are reading and writing these.

The magazine was started by a spinster – technically, a thornback (an unmarried woman aged 26 years and above). However, “Thornback Magazine” just didn’t have the same ring to it and weirdly conjures up the image of a softcore dinosaur porn magazine in our editor’s mind so she decided against it.

As for the tagline, the idea of further simplifying trending news is totally necessary and slightly terrifying. That’s the kind of vibe we try to radiate here at Spinster Magazine!

Who is Spinster Magazine for?

We wrote this content specifically for millennials. Yes, all of you with the side parts in your hair, skinny jeans, sipping on overpriced iced lattes, still whining about “adulting”.

Who is in Spinster Magazine?

CE-hO: Li Yan
Editor-in-Bitch: Li Yan
Senior Graphic Designer: Li Yan
Digital Marketing Specialist: Li Yan
Writer: Li Yan
Intern: Li Yan

Okay, it’s really just one person. But this website would be nothing without the support of our unpaid, non-working employees:

The Heretic Bi(tch)/Queen of Wit
Savage Moist Lieutenant Jellyfish
Chief Badass
Anti-Work Advocate
Very Important Bee-yotch
Chief of Visuals and Germ-Free Desks

Why is Spinster Magazine?

If you know, please tell us via the contact form here.